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Picnic foods

When’s the last time you went to the park and had a picnic?

Picnics, in my opinion, are one of life’s pleasures. There’s something so enjoyable about going to a park with a picnic basket filled with delicious food.

Whether you’re having a small picnic with your family or friends, or attending a larger picnic potluck-style, you need to bring picnic-appropriate foods.

Lucky for you, I have dozens of ideas.

Every picnic needs a good pasta salad (or several, if you’re lucky!) My go-to picnic pasta salad is the chipotle-lime pasta salad with chicken and bacon. I like a lot of flavor in my pasta salads, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Another picnic necessity? Baked beans. I like mine full of meat. My perfect potluck baked beans is a great baked bean recipe because it’s a crowd-pleaser. Lots of flavor, but not too spicy. Not boring, with the addition of two kinds of meat. Bring it in your slow cooker to keep it warm at your picnic.

For something different, try the butternut squash pasta salad with walnuts, grapes, and green apple.

And finally, for even more inspiration, check out my 50 Cheap Picnic Recipes post, which gives you all the information you need to bring great picnic foods to your next outdoor potluck.