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Sandwiches are typically budget-friendly and filling. But despite their popularity, many people eat sandwiches the same way over and over: Bread, mayo, cheese, and deli meat.

I’m here to change that.

This diverse collection of sandwich recipes will help keep your sandwich repertoire fresh.

Start with the Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches post, which will give you plenty of unique ideas to top traditional open-faced sandwiches.

Check out the ultimate cheap breakfast sandwich recipe, which will become your new favorite go-to breakfast recipe.

If you like hearty, meaty sandwiches, check out the sloppy joe recipes: One traditional, and two more interesting varieties.

The ribbon sandwiches are adorable and just fancy enough to impress guests to a baby shower or afternoon luncheon.

And the cheesy tomato SPAM-wiches are a family favorite. The most unlikely of ingredients combine into something addictive.

It’s time to up your sandwich game with these unique ideas from Cheap Recipe Blog.