Learn how to throw an epic baby shower – on a budget. Here are 50+ cheap recipes for a baby shower plus plenty of low-cost and creative ideas to throw a great party.
Cheap recipes for a baby shower. Tips to save you money while still throwing a fabulous party. Repin to save.

Updated 9/28/2023

Planning a baby shower is a lot of fun. But it’s easy to overspend when trying to create the perfect baby shower for your friend or relative.

Games, party favors, and most of all – food and drinks – can end up costing a lot of money.

Never fear.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your baby shower budget in check:

1: Share Food Costs

Have each of the party hosts bring a dish to share – or have everyone pitch in to keep the cost low.

2: Pick Cheap Recipes

Fun and creative baby shower foods don’t have to cost a lot of money. Choose budget-friendly foods that feed a crowd. Keep reading for some cheap recipe ideas for a baby shower.

3: Keep The Menu Short and Simple

The more food options you have, the more your menu will cost. Keep it simple. Choose one or two appetizers and a dessert, or one main course and a dessert.

Put all your time and effort into making two or three dishes stand out, instead of having a table full of options.

4: Consider a “Build-Your-Own” Menu

If each hostess brings a set number of toppings, a DIY food bar can be an especially budget-friendly baby shower menu. Consider a:

Cheap recipes for a baby shower. Click through for money-saving tips and recipes!

5: Shop Around

If you’re serious about saving money, it’s worth it to shop around for the best deals.

ALDI generally has the cheapest groceries (Yes, really. I compared prices at 6 different grocery stores.) Dollar stores are great for picking up party supplies.

If you’re a pre-planner, start stocking up on supplies and non-perishables in the weeks leading up to the shower.

Cheap Recipes and Food Ideas For a Baby Shower

1: A DIY S’mores Bar

Guests will have a blast making their own s’mores when you lay out a platter of creative toppings. You don’t need a campfire to make s’mores. Just toast them over an open flame on a gas stove. ‘Learn how to make a s’mores platter.

Build your own s'mores bar

2: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Made In an Ice Cube Tray

These can be made ahead of time. Once you’re ready to serve, just twist the ice cube tray and pop the strawberry out. Easy as pie. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate covered strawberries made in an ice cube tray

3: Cream Cheese Mints

These old-fashioned mints are extremely budget-friendly. Make a huge batch (100+ mints) for $3.50. Customize for a baby shower by using an appropriate mint mold.

Buy online or at a party supply store. Get the mint recipe here.

Mints for a baby shower, using a rubber bottle mold. Click through for recipe!

4: Cheap Appetizer Platters

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to assemble a great appetizer platter. Here are some budget-friendly ideas to consider:

Cheap appetizers for a party - The $10 appetizer spread

5: Make-Ahead Empanadas

Empanadas are super easy to make if you use store-bought empanada wrappers. You can use pretty much any kind of meat as a filling – or opt for a vegetarian option using cheese.

Turkey empanadas

6: DIY Guacamole Bar

Most people love guacamole, but not everyone agrees on what to put in it. When you set up a DIY guacamole bar, every guest guest to pick and choose ingredients.

DIY Guacamole Bar: Let your guests load up on lots of toppings.

7: Mini Party Cupcakes

Just like the mini cupcakes you buy at the grocery store – except no weird chemical taste. Make them homemade instead!

8: Mini Pizza Bites

These two-bite pizzas cost less than 10 cents each. You can choose your own toppings.

9: Mini Party Cups

Fill decorative cupcake cups or other small snack cups with affordable candies or snacks. Check out the bulk section of the grocery store for ideas.

Get mini party cup ideas

Party snack cups: An inexpensive idea for parties or entertaining. Click through for ideas!

10: Seasonal Snack Ideas

Depending on when the baby shower is, consider some of these seasonal ideas:

Harvest Appetizer Platter: Creating an appetizer platter doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Click through for money-saving tips!

These caramel apple bites are a great finger food option, especially for fall baby showers.

11: Homemade Sushi

Homemade sushi is so much cheaper than restaurant sushi and even supermarket sushi. And it’s not too difficult to make once you get the hang of it.

For a baby shower, you can prep the sushi rice the night before and assemble the rolls an hour or two before guests arrive. Here are a few homemade sushi recipes for beginners:

How to make cheap California rolls at home. You'll spend WAY less when you make homemade sushi at home!

#12: Tortilla Chips And Dip

Buy a few bags of tortilla chips, pour them in a large bowl, and serve with your favorite dip. Here are some recipes to try:

Cheesy pinto bean dip: We're talking really, really cheesy. Click through for recipe!

More Cheap Food Options

Here are additional cheap recipes to round out this list of 50+ cheap recipes for a baby shower. Keep your menu short and simple, and consider some of these cheap options:

Don’t forget the mocktail for the mom-to-be! Check out these healthy pregnancy mocktails that everyone will enjoy.

Last but not least: Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to cheap baby shower recipes.